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Do you still remember wristwatches?

With the surge in smartphones and their instant access to time and other information, fewer people seem to wear a watch these days. However, bluetooth will bring a bright future for wristwatches.

Bluetooth 4.0 will bring a bright future to wristwatches

Thanks to the Bluetooth 4.0 specification approved. It specifies ways for making low-power wireless network connections over short distances.

That means a watch or other device with a standard coin-cell or “button” battery that is worn on a wrist, kept in a pocket or worn on a necklace could communicate with a person’s smartphone or laptop. Using the wireless connection, the watch could display data received from the larger device, Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) Executive Director Michael Foley said Wednesday.

All sorts of small, low-power devices could rely on Bluetooth 4.0, including building sensors, laptops, fitness devices and TV and stereo remote controls…

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  1. skipper12383 says:

    You are most likely correct on the watches……. have to wait and see… thanks for the infol


  2. mikeone496 says:

    Heya Skipper! You are admired fer yer introduction to us with ‘Yahoo’! Believe it or not, without yer specific referral and encouragement, the ‘Yahoo’ would only be another ‘misfit’, ‘bogus’ and ‘anti-microsoft/msn’ entity not worthy of our involvement. Your ole fashioned charisma prompted the acceptance of ‘Widgets’, ‘Yahoo Answers’ [since banned wid 15% Best!] and even Yahoo!Mail! It’s an honour to be a recipient of yer enlightening & heartwarming interchange! On This Memorial Day ~ TANX!!!


  3. skipper12383 says:

    Hi Mikeone496, just stopped by to say hi and thanks for visiting and leaving comments on my site…
    PS….Have a great week!


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